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The Bristol Faire is a sincere homage to the arrival of Queen Elizabeth in Bristol, England in 1574.

Crafted with care and dedication to the period and surrounding culture, we proudly present a wondrous and immersive experience.

Our love for all noble travelers who enter our realm ensures that this experience is as entertaining as it is educational.

So don your finest garb, polish your finest shoes, and adorn your best hat, for soon you dine with royalty!

Long live the queen!

Persona Kits were made for faire-goers to purchase online before the event. Each kit defines a character that can be enacted throughout the Faire with an individual storyline and mission.

The Knight Kit comes with a poster, t-shirt, personalized letter, and a favor from a lady: a silk handkerchief for the nobleman to wear. His mission? Find the princess who gave it to him.

The Scholar Kit comes with a poster, t-shirt, letter, and lead amulet. The mission is to pursue the dark arts of alchemy and turn the amulet into gold.

The Rogue Kit has a poster, t-shirt, letter and treasure pouch with jewels. The Rogue seeks a key with a bigger treasure in mind.

This project was a collaboration under Jim Johnson's instruction in his Art Direction class at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

Lillie Templeton
Prints, Illustrations, T-Shirt Designs, Strategy & Research

Alex Laniosz
Research, Box Design, Logo Design, Letter Design