Lifestyle = Biotechnology targets the hypocrisy of people who oppose the science of genetic modification without acknowledging the fundamental necessity of this science to their own comfort and survival.


There are many examples of this type of willful ignorance, but I chose to use the epidemic of diabetes to demonstrate this concept in an artwork. Diabetes affects 93.8 million people globally, and it is estimated that the condition will cost the United States alone $3.4 trillion in 2020. Genetic modification is the primary source for manufactured insulin that saves the lives of many diabetics. We know that certain lifestyle changes will reduce incidence of the disease, yet we persist in habits that antagonize it. Some with the ability to change their lifestyle refuse to do so, but at the same time oppose the genetic modification that treats the disease resulting from their continuation of that harmful lifestyle.

MEDIA – Black & Colored Inks, Collage, Installation
DIMENSIONS – 69” x 72”