Photo Retouching: Gramps

This was a long over-due gift to my mother - the restoration of one of the few photos we have of her grandfather at his watchmaker's bench. Gramps was a professional jeweler and watchmaker in Salisbury, NC (not far from where my family lives now). You might be able to make out his crutches in the background - in his late twenties he suffered from crippling rheumatoid arthritis that made it impossible for him to walk without them. I never knew him, but I love tracing the urge to craft and create through the generations of my family.

Let's Get Chocolate Wasted!

During my time at SBC Advertising, I had the pleasure of creating the sign for my Art Director's bridal shower! The theme? Let's get chocolate wasted! I had a little extra time with it, so I decided to step away from the computer and flex my pen and ink skills again. The final design was colored in Photoshop.


Few things are as lovely as holding a pen in hand. A joy to return to after the computer stoops my shoulders and kinks my neck. Definitely my version of a creative reboot.

The project can also be viewed on Behance.